A Moderate Periodontitis Case Study: Periowave

A recent case study using Periowave completed by By Catherine Fairfield, RDH, Alberta:

Patient Profile: 69-year old, non-smoker male with generalized chronic periodontitis. Regularly scheduled supportive periodontal therapy (SPT) with unresponsive 7 mm pocket depth with heavy bleeding on probing on mesial of #13 (Fig 1.1).

Treatment Protocol: Initial Periowave treatment: 6 days after SPT due to heavy BOP in 7 mm PD treatment site.

Second Periowave treatment: 5 months after initial PW treatment in 5 mm PD treatment site with moderate BOP at SPT appointment.

Result: 5 months after initial PW treatment: Mesial #13 reduced from 7 mm PD with heavy BOP to 5 mm PD with moderate BOP (Fig 1.2).

4 months after second PW treatment: Mesial #13 further reduced to 3 mm PD with light BOP (Fig 1.3).

Case and photos provided by: By Catherine Fairfield, RDH, Alberta

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